v4.7X ‘The High Seas’ update of DomiNations is here!


  • Go on overseas adventures to bring back resources, mercenary armies, and brand new Troops and Blessings!

  • Send a General to captain the voyage and bring back additional rewards

  • Explore more destinations by upgrading your Dock

New Troop: Armored Car

  • Heavy raiding vehicle which deals bonus damage against both Resource Buildings and Defending Infantry

  • Constructed at the Level 5 Factory

New Defense: Sniper Tower

  • Unlike other defensive buildings, Sniper Towers fire at the furthest target in range

  • Very long range, but has a “blind spot” at close range

  • High damage (one shot, one kill against infantry) but slow rate of fire

  • Available in Industrial Age

The Estate

  • Starting in the Medieval Age, the luxurious Estate can be purchased from the Treasure tab in the Store and adds 3 additional Citizens to your Town!

Aircraft and Building Upgrades

  • All-new upgrades for the Bomber, Fighter, and Transport available at the Armory

  • The Library can now be upgraded to Level 9

  • New techs at the new level 9 Library: Shipping, Spoils of War, Deception, and High Explosives

  • The Factory can now be upgraded to Level 5

Balance Update

  • Commando troop space reduced to 10 (was 15)

  • Warfare Chapter 4 reduces Commando troop space by 2 (was 3).

  • The lowest you can reduce the initial spawn time of defender factories is now 2 sec (was 4)

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Sale window UI update now allows for tapping on the sale items to learn more

  • Fixed the issue where 5 star victories would not reliably earn you a Diamond

  • Improved replay accuracy

  • Improved game load time

  • Improved Commando AI to consider targets behind walls as farther away to avoid suicide pathing

  • Fixed guitar pick not finishing all University researches that are complete

  • Bunker upgrade window now shows next fill level

  • Event troops are now affected by all techs/wonder bonuses

  • Fixed various crashes related to improperly loading data

  • Fixed crash from trying to get decoy values for spell levels that are higher than decoy's max level.

  • Prevented a crash by hiding the Event icon if Event data isn’t available

  • Prevent crashes related to Emojis in Alliance names

  • Unicode characters in World War donate messages no longer cause viewers to be unable to log in

  • 2nd General retraining now displays Oil cost instead of appearing to be free

  • Improved performance on Train Generals window

  • Fixed World War report damage percentage displaying over 100%

  • Fix for abusing the dismiss troops button in the training screen to overcap

  • No longer able to retrain Tactics you don't have unlocked

  • Increased the number of Tactic slots in the battle prep window

  • Fixed bonus combat Trade Goods not being awarded in World War

  • Fixed display troop slots being set to an incorrect level

  • Wonder bonus amounts now receive Library tech effects

  • Wonder stats are now correctly applied after a Wonder replace

  • Donate Troop window updates to grey out troops that have too much cap to donate

  • Changed Battle Tactics Chapter 5 text to match effect power "+20% Decoy hitpoints"

  • Coalition troop buffs now have visual effects

  • Fixed event progress local notif being wrong.

  • Troop cap error message when training troops to the max of the queue without an Airstrip now appears correctly

  • Fixed citizens being sent home instead of to new building sites

  • Fixed “finish” button correctly appearing on the Barracks when you're over your troop cap

  • Fix for logging discrepancies when dropping troops after a battle has completed, but before results screen shows up

  • Research slot in the armory now opens the upgrade win on a unit that is currently upgrading

  • Fixed health bars showing up on air units after watching a replay

  • Protect damage reduction stat now has proper icon

  • Troops in Upgrade win now also show their damage bonus stat changes

  • Hooked up info windows to items in inventory

  • Put a rearm guitar pick on the Bunker

  • Fixed an inventory slot calling the wrong info window for Event Armies

  • Fixed panel cutoff in train troops window

  • Fixed anchoring in University window to prevent citizen heads from disappearing when adding oil

  • Fixed scroll bars in the World War choose participants screen and the World War report battles screen

  • Fixed claim button visibility in attack history

  • Added University bonuses to temple blessing preview

  • Fighters now show "Damage against Tanks" (was "Damage against Defenders")

  • Command post overflow reminder no longer appears repetitively

  • Gold mine no longer appears in age up screen

  • Security Improvements

  • Minor text edits