v5.1 ‘Gifts of Peace’ update of DomiNations is here!

Winter in DomiNations

  • It’s snowed in DomiNations!

  • Wintry Gifts appear on the outskirts of your town for the whole month of December! Happy Holidays!

Alliance Gifting

  • Show your Alliance how much you care! Specially-marked purchases reward everyone in your Alliance with a gift. The larger the purchase, the bigger the gift!

Walls for Food

  • By popular demand! Level 9+ walls can now be upgraded for either Food or Gold

New Great Leader: Hiawatha!

  • Researching Hiawatha’s skills improves your economy, and also reduces the cost and research time of other University skills that cost Food

  • Hiawatha’s skills are cheaper and faster to research than other Great Leaders’

  • Hiawatha’s capstone, Five Nations, reduces by 1 the number of citizens needed to research any University skill that costs Food

Additional Buildings and Upgrades

  • Upgrade the Alliance Gate Level 8 for additional troop donation capacity

  • Upgrade the Command Post Level 8 for additional War Loot storage and stronger unique defenders

  • Build an additional Market and Mill in Atomic Age

Balance Updates

  • Expedition Blessings (Crop, Commerce, Medic, and Wall) now provide better bonuses when obtained from higher-level Expeditions

  • Wall Sappers now do full damage to all adjacent wall segments, making them better at opening larger gaps in enemy walls

  • Attack Helicopters now have a splash damage radius of 1, making them even better as donated defenders

  • Fighters and the expeditions Sepoy can now damage Attack Helicopters

Performance Improvements

  • New users on older devices will see better performance

  • Improved font usage to reduce memory impact

  • General memory improvements

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Heritage Chapter 4 library tech to apply twice to the Eiffel Tower’s Vault Storage bonus

  • Fixed crash when a Castle is destroyed before any Generals have spawned

  • Fixed a bug causing a network disconnect when finishing University skills

  • Fixed bug causing Training Blessing to increase troop training time

  • Fixed Town Center not spawning defenders when Attack Helicopters are in range

  • War Academy now properly displays current Tactics count

  • Level 4 Fort defenders now fire bullets instead of arrows

  • Fixed event notifications triggering at the wrong time or with garbled messages

  • Fixed a bug causing extraneous symbols in Alliance Names

  • Various fixes to Attack and Defense Replays

  • Security improvements, art fixes and text edits