Marco Polo, the Traveling Merchant

  • Marco Polo now periodically visits your town to offer his wares!

  • Trade with him for Troop Tactics, Event Buildings, National Trade Goods, and more!

Friendly Challenges

  • Challenge your Alliance members in practice battles to hone your strategy

  • Create your own Challenges to test out new Town and War Base layouts

  • Friendly Challenges don’t consume troops, medals, or resources!

New University Leader: Amelia Earhart

  • Research Amelia Earhart’s skill tree at the University to bolster your air force and oil economy!

  • Harness the power of her Capstone Skill, The Ninety Nines, which gives you +1 additional air capacity

New World War Tie-Breaker

  • If two Alliances finish a World War with the same number of stars and average destruction, the winner is now determined by who has the least amount of time elapsed in battle

  • In ties, winning your battles as fast as possible is the key to winning the war!

  • Only the time elapsed from the best attack against each War Base counts

New Atomic Age Upgrades

  • Farms and Caravans can now be upgraded to level 18

  • Oil Wells can now be upgraded to level 6

  • The University can now be upgraded to level 6

  • Fighters and Bombers can now be upgraded to level 18

  • Transports can now be upgraded to level 12

Other Improvements

  • A new ‘Recommended Upgrades’ button has been added next to the Store button to provide advice on what to upgrade next

  • A Quick Victory star timer has been added to the battle HUD for easier tracking in battle

  • Improve your strategic planning with more information on the World War Scouting screen

  • The Announcements window now has tabs so you don’t miss out on discounts, sales, events, and updates!

Performance Improvements

  • Improved performance and stability on older devices

  • Fixed a handful of rare crashes

Balance Updates

  • Betrayal, Protect, and Sabotage Tactics now cost 2 Tactics Capacity (was 1)

  • War Academy level 5 (Enlightenment Age) now provides +1 Tactics Capacity (was +0), increasing Tactics Capacity by 1 from Enlightenment Age onward

  • Stronghold now spawns the any remaining donated Troop Tactics when destroyed

  • Fixed Atomic Age HP for French Consulate, Khan Dais, Zulu Kraal, and Long House (was 1600, is now 1950)

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Prevented a crash when dropping Troop Tactics in battle

  • Fixed a crash on the battle results window

  • Prevented a rare crash when going into World War battles

  • Fixed a crash caused by claiming a tactic without a War Academy

  • Game no longer crashes when tapping on the Aztec Temple

  • Fixed a disconnect caused when players sped up University research

  • Fixed an issue where adding or removing Troop Tactics from the Stronghold could cause them to be lost or duplicated

  • Troop Tactics are now included in the World War battle prep window

  • Stronghold properly updates with when new Troop Tactics are added

  • Same Troop Tactics with different levels will now appear sorted alphabetically

  • Fixed an issue causing too many donated troops to spawn in World War battles

  • Offensive Blessings now show up in Attack History even if only Troop Tactics were used on offense

  • Coalitions more reliably appear in the World War map

  • Fixed an issue where the wrong image could appear in the Announcements window

  • Fixed bonus Trade Goods not appearing on the battle results screen

  • Sneaky units like Commandos no longer trigger the S.A.M. Battery trap

  • Prevented an exploit allowing buildings to be stacked on top of each other

  • Players can now view Active Troops in Factory and Airstrip info windows

  • Players can now access friends’ Alliances through Alliance Friends tab

  • World War now displays total attack duration in place of average attack duration

  • Added attacks used and battles won to World War banner in World War report window for Battle, Alliance, and Enemy tabs

  • Clarified message when claiming a Troop Tactic reward from an event

  • Added "please wait" message when claiming Expedition rewards

  • Improved messaging for “Finish Now” or “Instant” finishing University research

  • Tower Blessing now correctly indicates that it buffs the Stronghold

  • Teutonic Fury buff effects now appear in World War battles

  • Added clarification text to Blessing descriptions: (An attack must deal 10% or more damage to your town to consume this Blessing)

  • Event building info windows now display correct stats in Bronze and Iron Ages

  • Stradioti UI portrait no longer displays Hussar image

  • Security improvements

  • Minor art and text fixes