Where did my donated troops go?
Troops that are donated to you by your Alliance reside in your Town Center. If your Town Center is attacked while these troops are still there, they will come out to defend it. If they die while defending, they will no longer be available to you.

How does the Retrain screen work?
After you’ve returned from battle you can now use the Retrain screen to rebuild or retrain the same units or tactics used in your last battle. This screen is located in your Barracks, Factory, Airstrip, Mercenary Camp, War Academy, or Castle. You can choose to re-queue your last-built units for their food or gold cost, or you can instantly finish re-training them by spending crowns.

What is the “Finish Training” button on buildings do?
The “Finish Training” button, located at the bottom of the screen when you tap on any production building, can be used to exchange crowns to streamline troop training by instantly finishing any troops or tactics.

I don’t want to use the troops I trained! How do I dismiss troops?
Want to free up space in your barracks? You can dismiss troops you’ve trained by tapping on that troop’s icon in the training screen and tapping the minus sign (-). If you choose to dismiss your troops you will not be refunded for the food spent on training them.