How do I donate troops?
In order to donate troops, you must be part of an Alliance. Once you have joined an Alliance, you can donate troops by accessing the Alliance Chat. If an Alliance member has requested troops, you may click on the “Donate” button and then select the troops to donate.  You will only be able to donate up to six capacity to each member of your Alliance.
How can my Alliance donate troops to me?
Once you join an Alliance, you can request troops donations from other members of your Alliance. The amount of troops that can be donated to you is dependent on the level of your Alliance Gate. Upgrade your Gate to receive an increased donation capacity. 
• Just like normal troops, stronger units will take up more than one capacity
• Each member of your Alliance can donate up to 20 capacity
• If your capacity is greater than 20, you will need multiple players to donate all of the troops you can house 
How are Troop Donations tracked?
Troop Donations are tracked in two ways on your alliance menu: Troops Donated and Lifetime Donations. 
Troops Donated will show the total capacity donated by each member for the most recent league season. When the season resets every two weeks, this number returns to zero. For this reason, Troops Donated is ideal for gauging only the most recent contributions made by your alliance members. 
Lifetime Donations will track all donations made over the course of all seasons. This feature was implemented in Update 3.7.X, so while it does not reset at regular intervals, any donations made prior to this update will not be counted. 
It’s important to note that Lifetime Donations will reset to zero if a player leaves their current alliance. Even if they rejoin the same alliance, this number will start counting from zero and all record of prior donations will be lost.