I just won a battle in World War but my Alliance XP didn’t get added!
Please be patient! Alliance XP can sometimes take a few minutes to be added to your XP count in the World War screen after a battle has ended. The Alliance XP displayed in the World War screen is earned when the War ends. Only then will your Alliance level up and earn new Perks.

Do the Global Age Promotion and similar Perks affect troop tactics?
No, these Perks only affect Barracks and Factory troops.

What happens to my Alliance Perks and Levels if I leave my Alliance?
If you leave your Alliance you will lose the Perks associated with it, but if you join another Alliance you will gain any Perks your new Alliance has already earned!

Where can I view, earn, and spend Rubies?
Once you repair your Alliance Gate, your Rubies will be stored there. Your storage capacity is based on your Alliance Gate’s level. You can see how many Rubies you have by tapping the Alliance Gate’s info button. Rubies cannot be looted or stolen in any way.

Rubies are earned for each battle won in World War. They can sometimes be earned from other sources like Alliance Gifts or Mystery Chests. They can be spent for rare items at the Traveling Merchant.