Below we have listed a number of issues that can occur with every game update. We recommend reading through the information below whenever a new game update comes out, as it may explain some of the strange issues you encounter.

No Update Available
Whenever an update is first released, it is not immediately available to everyone at the same time. After we release a new update through Google or Apple, they will begin to distribute the update gradually over time. This process of making a new update fully available typically takes a few hours, but may take longer depending on your region or any unexpected complications. Additionally, the rate at which Google and Apple make the update available may not be the same, so your platform also plays a part on when the update becomes available. There’s ultimately no way to expedite this process, so if you’re wanting to jump into a new update right away, the best thing you can do is check your app store often until the update becomes available to you.

“Please update your game to load this base”
This is an error message that you will see anytime you attempt to load the base of a player who is playing on the latest version of the game before you’ve updated yourself. This can occur when attempting to visit a friend’s village, or when attempting to scout or attack an opponent in World War.

The only way to resolve this is by updating your game to the latest version. If you see this error but do not have an update available, please refer to the “No Update Available” section of this post.

Combat Log Display Issues
Combat Logs and Replays only function for attacks that occurred in the same version of the game that you’re using. If there is a discrepancy in game versions, there will not be any option to view a Replay and you will be unable to see the units that were used during the battle. As a result, if you have not updated and get attacked by someone who has updated, you may not see the specifics. After you have updated, you will not see the specifics of any battles that took place before the update.

This discrepancy only exists for the small window of time in which we’ve released an update, but not yet forced all users to download the latest version. Once everyone is updated, all battles going forward will appear normally.

Donated Troops Automatically Returned
Anytime that an update is available but not yet required for all users, you may notice some issues when trying to donate troops to other players in your alliance. This is because players on the latest update will be unable to donate to players using an older version of the game. If you try to donate troops to someone using an earlier version, the donation bar will begin to fill up like normal; however, the troops will quickly be returned to their original owner and the bar will drop back down to where it started.

Once both players are using the same version of the game, donations will go through like normal.