Greetings Leaders!

We are very excited to announce an upcoming combat rebalance initiative that we’ve been working on. This will be the largest set of balance changes that we’ve ever made in an ongoing effort to ensure that combat remains an engaging part of DomiNations. Because these changes affect nearly every Age in the game, we’ll be introducing them in multiple stages with Design Spotlights and patch notes to talk about the specifics of each one. For this initial spotlight, we are going to talk a little bit about why we are making the changes and what you can expect during the process.

For the past several months, our team has been digging through the vast mountains of combat data that is collected in the game and have found a couple of things we’d like to address. The first is the number of 5-star World War battles. It is clear that you all have become highly skilled commanders on the battlefield and are able to dominate your enemies with ease. We want to make sure that World Wars remain engaging by raising the bar for earning 5-star victories. To address this, we will be strengthening defenses and defenders from the Classical Age to the Cold War Age so that 5-star victories always require strong army compositions, highly-skilled troop deployments, and the latest advancements in army upgrades and research.

In addition to looking at the overall results of combat, we have also been looking at the troops being brought to combat. There are a number of troops that are staples in most armies and are performing well in battle. However, there are also troops that aren’t being used nearly enough and will be rebalanced. Specific details on those changes and several other improvements to army training will be discussed in the upcoming design spotlights.

Each stage of this rebalance is going to be accompanied by a period of time where we will be reviewing the data and your feedback on the changes before the next stage rolls out. It is possible that we may make additional tweaks between stages.

We are very excited for you to get your hands on these changes and we hope you’ll continue providing us with your feedback!

- Brad