Is there any time when I wouldn’t get Fragments from a successful battle?
The top age in DomiNations can attack 2 ages down. While you can get normal resources from these less developed targets, you will not receive any Fragments.

What do the colors mean with my Artifact attributes?
We have added new colors that correspond with the relative strength of the benefit it provides. This should allow you to determine the benefit of an artifact at a glance whether you’re viewing your storage or as you craft new Artifacts.

The new colors and strengths are as follows:
  • White - small benefit (+1%)
  • Green - medium benefit (+/-6% for Main Hall, +/-3% for World War Hall)
  • Blue - large benefit (+/-11% for Main Hall, +/- 6% for World War Hall)
This color corresponds with the base benefit from the modifier. Leveling up your Artifact will not cause the color to change.