V6.7 Rise of the Super Heavy Tank update of DomiNations is available now!
World War Chest
  • Earn at least 1 Victory Star to unlock one of three types of War Chests at the end of a World War!
  • Cadet’s Chest is awarded if you complete a World War attack
  • Combatant’s Chest is awarded if you lost the war but completed both attacks
  • Conqueror’s Chest is awarded to members of the winning Alliance who completed both attacks
New Cold War Upgrades
  • Increase your Air Defense to level 6
  • The Missile Silo can now be upgraded to level 5
New Tactic: Assault Rally
  • Find this new War Tactic in your level 7 War Academy starting in the Global Age
  • Assault Rally allows you to direct a part of your forces to a single target with increased speed and attack damage.
Specialized Speedups
  • Building Speedups will decrease the time it takes to construct buildings, Wonders, and clear Forests
  • Research Speedups can decrease the time it takes to do Library, University, or Blacksmith upgrades
  • Stored in the Archive, these speedups can be found in Sales, Marco Polo, and in Expeditions that use Generals
Super Heavy Tanks
  • Two new Super Heavy Tanks are coming as all new and powerful Troop Tactics
  • High HP, multiple modes of fire, and the ability to shoot over walls will make these new tanks THE frontline to bring to your next War!
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Improved main messaging windows
  • Video reward UI improvements (available in some regions)
  • Added Upgrade button to Troops inside Army buildings
  • Add video reward opportunities in several places (available in some regions)
  • Corrected visual discrepancy of required citizens to upgrade Roads
  • Prevented network disconnect for some players using 1-hour and 5-day Speed Ups
  • Prevented a crash while sharing replays
  • Stopped a crash that could occur when finishing University research
  • Added a fix to prevent overly long battles
  • Tightened security around Museum currencies
  • Minor art fixes
  • Minor text edits