Limited Time Buildings
  • You can now place up to 3 Limited Time Buildings on your base - one Offensive, one Defensive, and one Special Type.
  • Check the building’s information window to confirm what type of building it is.
Wall Bastions
  • Beginning in the Medieval Age, expand your defensive options with these curved wall sections.
  • Customize your base by connecting Bastions to Walls and Gates.
  • You can fit buildings with a small footprint (like Sniper Towers and Anti-Tank Guns) inside the Wall Bastion.
  • When destroyed, the Wall Bastion leaves Rubble on the battlefield, slowing down enemy units in that space.
Balance Changes 
Assault Rally:
  • Duration reduced by 50% at all levels
  • Damage reduction removed
  • Attack speed buff reduced by 10% at all levels
  • Protect now reduces incoming damage by 70%
Troop Donations:
  • The per unit donation cap has been increased from 6 to 20
  • The Unisphere Space Age Wonder now yields more Rubies
Timed Quests
  • Timed quests have been updated to only provide one timed quest per day
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Prevented the Big Red 1 from attacking betrayed troops
  • Double Swipe will now exit the game on iPhone X
  • Minor art fixes
  • Minor text edits