The ads in Dominations are operated by a company called ironSource. In the event that a player has completed an offer or video and didn't receive their reward, ironSource requests that players contact them directly, as they have their own support team which will investigate and reply to you.
Please follow these directions to ensure that your request is received:
  • When writing to them, always include "DomiNation" in the subject line of your email 
  • Only send a single email, otherwise, your request will continue to get bumped to the bottom of their queue
You will know if you successfully opened a request with them when you receive an email confirmation number.
Due to the high number of falsified screenshots they receive, a screenshot alone will not suffice as proof of a completed offer. Average turnaround times are 3-5 days because ironSource needs to contact each individual advertiser for verification.
Please allow the full duration of this time to hear back from them before following up with us.