What is a Charge Up?
Charge Up is a special type of event that grants players additional rewards for buying in-game content at specific times. Whenever a Charge Up is active, all prices in the game will also display how much Charge you’ll get from purchasing it. If you see Charge anywhere in the game, check the Popup Window for details.

How do I get Charge?
Charge is earned by making purchases in DomiNations. Purchases can include Crowns, Troop Tactics, Starter Packs, and other items sold throughout the game.

How Often can I Claim Charge Up Rewards?
Each time a Charge Up event begins, the rewards for becoming fully charged can only be claimed once. The next time a Charge Up event occurs, your Charge will reset to 0 and you can work towards the rewards once again.

What Happens if I Don’t Claim my Charge Up Reward?
It is lost. If you’ve reached 100% Charge and do not claim a Free Charge Up Reward, please contact Customer Support and we can verify and grant your rewards. If the Charge Up event unlocks a sale, then the opportunity to purchase and claim the reward is lost at the end of the event.

If I Don’t Reach 100% Charge, Do I Keep it for next Time?
No. Charge is reset to 0 at the end of each Charge Up event.