Troop Tray Improvements
  • The troop tray has been slightly reorganized to make deployment of troops more fluid.
  • The new troop order is: Rally/Big Red Button/Wonders/Multi-Deploy Air Troops/Troop Tactics/Army units/Generals/Mercenaries/War Tactics/Alliance/Coalitions
  • The troop tray no longer scrolls past the last troop.

New Coalition: Filipinos
  • First available from the level 7 Embassy, this Coalition will deploy the MD 500 Defender helicopter on defense during World War battles!
  • When formed, this Coalition grants increased General health and reduces damage from invading Airstrip troops.
  • Upgrade your Embassy to level 7 and all of your Coalitions to level 8!

Space Age Building Upgrades
  • The Stronghold can now be upgraded to level 6.
  •  Sniper Towers can now be upgraded to level 10.
  • Spike Traps can now be upgraded to level 14.
  • The Factory can now be upgraded to level 11, unlocking a new level of the Machine Gun, Commando, Heavy Tank, Bazooka, Armored Car, APC, Tactical Helicopter, and MRL.
  • Expand your Gold income with the addition of more roads. Now with a max of 120 in the Space Age.

Balance Changes
  • Dock rewards have been rebalanced and updated across many levels.

Bug Fixes and Improvements
The team works hard to include improvements and fix crashes throughout DomiNations with each release. Some of these changes include:
  • Minor art fixes
  • Minor text edits