The Digital Age
  • Advance your civilization to the next age of history to acquire new troop and building upgrades!
  • Research four new techs at Library Level 14: Economic Prosperity, Reconnaissance Aircraft, Tactical Defenses, and Palisades
  • Employ the services of new Mercenaries! The Ethiopian Peacekeeper, and EE-T1 Osório can be hired at Mercenary Camp level 13
  • The Armored Ambush Trap will launch a surprise Assault Vehicle when triggered by invading troops
  • New Digital Age General Petra Herrera
  • Add 2 Citizens to your city with an additional House!

New University Leader - Harriet Tubman
  • Spy on your enemies! Gain insight to your opponent’s Library, University, and Museum during World War.
  • Research her skill tree at the University to improve Trap upgrade time and cost, Road income and Town Center bonus, faster Expeditions and more.
  • Harness the power of her Capstone, Conductor, which allows Houses to spawn Riflemen on defense.

New Airstrip Plane: Recon
  • Beginning at level 7, your Airstrip can train the Recon plane
  • When deployed, scans a target area causing enemy troops, buildings, and walls within the area to take bonus damage from all sources!

VIP Bonuses
  • The VIP system grants leaders powerful boosts and access to unique features, such as:
  • At level 1, players can unlock the exclusive General Björn Ironside, the viking raider
  • At level 3, players can unlock a free troop retrain
  • Plus get access to additional boosts for your base and access to the VIP Store!

Balance Changes 
  • Digital Age players will be able to attack Space Age and Cold War Age bases. Space Age bases will be able to attack Digital Age and Cold War Age bases.
  • Bastion rubble slow radius set to 2 at all levels. Bastion hitpoints increased by 15% at every level.
  • Assault Rally duration set to 4 seconds at all levels. Attack Speed removed at all levels. Damage increased by 30% at levels 1, 2, and 3, and increased by 50% at level 4.
  • Heavy Tank hitpoints increased by 25% at all levels.

Bug Fixes and Improvements
The team works hard to include improvements and fix crashes throughout DomiNations with each release. Some of these changes include:
  • Minor art fixes
  • Minor text edits