DomiNations Anniversary
  • In April, DomiNations will be 5 years old! 
  • To celebrate, we have a range of Events, Sales, and other exciting in game surprises all month long. DomiNations will introduce New Events with new units! New rewards and a host of surprises for all players. You’ll be able to access never before seen content in the game across 5 eras, with events to help you progress!

Event Improvements
  • Event Levels have been removed from future Events. You will still receive a Supply Drop every day that an Event is running but this will not be tied to an Event Level. 
  • Because of this, Event XP is now called “Leaderboard Points”. 
  • Collecting Leaderboard Points will continue to advance you in the Group and Global Leaderboards during Events.

Digital Age Building Upgrades
  • Upgrade the Air Defense building to Level 10
  • Upgrade the S.A.M Battery to Level 10
  • Upgrade the Spike Trap to Level 16

Balance Changes
  • Building Speedups can now be used on Traps.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

The team works hard to include improvements and fix crashes throughout DomiNations with each release. Some of these changes include:
  • A bug that prevented items being awarded to players in some cases has been fixed!
  • Starter Pack 3 can no longer reward double Crowns.
  • Snapshots can now be attached when communicating with Customer Service through Helpshift.
  • Game no longer crashes when spawning Troop Tactics with 10 or more troops. 
  • Troops can no longer become stuck in the forest.
  • Game will no longer crash if a plane is destroyed while flying off screen.
  • Stronger banning parameters to catch and punish cheating players and Alliances.