In politics, a parliament is a legislative body of representatives. Parliaments are a central part of Western liberal democracy, and representative bodies in ancient cultures, as early as Mesopotamia and ancient Greece, are sometimes referred to as the first parliaments.

In DomiNations, your Parliament is where you can contribute to bonuses which benefit your entire Alliance.  These bonuses are referred to as Alliance Laws, and operate in a similar manner to Alliance Perks, but are under the control of the Alliance, and can be researched to suit an Alliance’s playstyle!

Each day, you can make as many contributions as you like, but as stated, they increase in cost, and eventually cost crowns.  These contributions become more and more expensive, until the research begins requiring Crowns instead of resources.  Don’t worry!  This resets every day, and you can contribute with resources the next day!Once you’ve achieved a Level in an Alliance Law, you’ll begin reaping the benefits of your research, through the bonuses granted by the Law.  Leaders of an Alliance can highlight specific Laws, to show a direction for the Alliance. Highlighting doesn’t provide any bonuses, however, it only communicates a Leader’s suggestion.

Additionally, your Parliament is considered a Defensive building, because it is!  The highest ranked Law in the Town Infrastructure I Branch adds a defensive armament to your Parliament Building!