What are General Eisenhower’s Strengths?
General Eisenhower is a ranged General, who starts off in his H-19 Chickasaw helicopter, raining rockets from his bazooka onto enemy forces. While in his helicopter, General Eisenhower can even attack over walls! When the helicopter is defeated, General Eisenhower parachutes to the ground, leading from the front with more bazooka attacks, acting like many of the other generals available.

General Eisenhower is strongest against other generals, against whom he does additional damage, and his bazooka makes him effective against other units by causing explosive splash damage wherever the rockets may land.

How do I get General Eisenhower?
General Eisenhower will be available through sales and events. Keep an eye out for him!

How do I use General Eisenhower?
Once obtained, General Eisenhower works the same as any other General, and you can assign him to your forces in the Troop Tray during battle preparations.