What are Alliance Speed Ups?
“Alliance Speed Ups” is a new Branch of Laws in the Parliament building. Once these Laws have been researched, you can request time to be sped up from building upgrades as well as University and Library research from members of your Alliance.

How do I access and unlock Alliance Speed Ups?
Alliance Speed Ups are accessed through Parliament like all other Laws. Contribute Research Points and work with your Alliance to unlock and upgrade the Alliance Speed Up Laws.

How Many Alliance Speed Up Laws are there?
There are 3 Alliance Speed Up Laws.
Building Alliance Speed Ups allow you to request time to be sped up from your building upgrades.
Library Alliance Speed Ups allow you to request time to be sped up from Library research.
University Alliance Speed Ups allow you to request time to be sped up from University research.

How do I request an Alliance Speed Up?
You can request an Alliance Speed Up by selecting a building being built or upgraded, or a Library/University tech that is currently being researched, and selecting the Speed Up option. The Alliance Speed Up request will show up at the top of the Speed Up list. You can also access this Speed Up window by tapping the Guitar Pick above a building being upgraded or the Library/University if there is research underway.

How do I assist an Alliance member with an Alliance Speed Up?
When an Alliance member requests an Alliance Speed Up a new post will be posted in the Alliance chat channel. Here you will be able to pay a small amount of resources to assist your fellow Alliance member with their request.

How do I upgrade Alliance Speed Ups?
You can upgrade the amount of time taken off from Alliance Speed Ups, the amount of Alliance members that can respond to each request, and the cooldown timer of Alliance Speed Up requests by upgrading the 3 Alliance Speed Up Laws.