Where can I send Recruitment Invites and claim Recruit a Friend Rewards?
Recruitment Invites and Rewards can be found in the “Recruits” tab of your inbox, which can be accessed by tapping the envelope icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.

How do I Recruit a Friend?
Share the Recruit Code displayed in the “Recruits” tab of your inbox with a friend who has not previously played DomiNations. After they advance to Stone Age and enter your Recruit Code into their own Recruit a Friend window, they will be locked into a “Recruitment Reward Track.”

How often can I claim Recruit a Friend Rewards?
After a Recruit has been locked into a “Recruitment Reward Track,” you will earn rewards each time your Recruit advances to a new age. The final reward is earned when the Recruit reaches Gunpowder Age.

Why hasn’t my Recruit reached Gunpowder Age yet?
Depending on the Recruit, it can take upwards of a month to reach the Gunpowder Age in DomiNations. We urge you to be patient with your Recruits to max out your Recruit a Friend Rewards.

How do I remove a Recruit from my Recruit slots?
Recruits are only removed from a Recruit slot once the Recruit has reached Gunpowder Age and you have claimed all rewards related to that Recruit.

Why hasn’t my Recruit appeared on my Reward Track?
Invited Recruits will not appear on your Reward Track until they have both advanced to Stone Age and entered your Recruit Code into their own Recruit a Friend window.

How long does my Recruit have to enter my Recruit Code?
Recruits have 7 days after creating an account to enter a Recruit Code.

How many Recruit Codes can a Recruit enter?
Recruits are only allowed to enter 1 Recruit Code. After entering a Recruit Code, Recruits are no longer eligible to enter additional codes.

Does my Recruit Code ever change?
No, your Recruit Code should remain the same for every invite you send.

Will I earn Rewards if my Friend has played DomiNations before?
No, you are only eligible for rewards when inviting a someone that has never played DomiNations.