What are General Sun Tzu's strengths?
General Sun Tzu is a Heavy Tank General that deals powerful splash damage with his attacks. Sun Tzu can also summon Type 99 Heavy Tanks and buff the attack speed of allied units when his General Ability, The Art of War, is unlocked through the University.

How do I unlock General Sun Tzu?
General Sun Tzu is unlocked with the level 10 Castle in the Information Age!

How do I unlock General Sun Tzu's General Ability?
Sun Tzu's General Ability, The Art of War, can be researched and unlocked through the Sun Tzu University Leader. The University must be upgraded to level 10 in order to research this ability.

How do I use General Sun Tzu's General Ability?
After deploying General Sun Tzu in battle, his card in the troop tray transforms into his General Ability card. The player can tap this card to activate the ability in order to summon Type 99 Tanks and increase the attack speed of nearby allied units. The player can only use this ability after unlocking it through the University.

What happens when I unlock University Leader Sun Tzu's capstone?
If the player researches University Leader Sun Tzu's Capstone, The Army on the March, General Sun Tzu gains the ability to activate the Art of War multiple times in a battle. Additionally, The Art of War gains more power, causing it to spawn more tanks and provide a greater attack speed buff to allied troops.