The v1.5.67 update of DomiNations is releasing soon! Below are the full update notes!

What's New in Oil Boom:

Discover Oil!
- Starting in the Enlightenment Age, build Wells and Refineries to collect and store your Oil!
- Begin your Oil Boom today!

Introducing the powerful, new Factory and Factory troops!
- Gatling Guns: Creates a wall of lead to deal with large groups of defenders. 
- Guerrillas: Undetected by enemy towers, they sneak through gates to plant explosives and clear out defenses.

Improved Troop Movement and Targeting!
- Troops take more efficient routes when moving.
- Troops try to focus fire on the same wall segment, rather than split up and attack different sections.
- Ranged Infantry switches targets when enemy troops come into range.

Balance Updates!

- Buffed England's loot bonus from 5% to 10%!
- Germany gets an additional Nation Power! German troops receive a 10% damage boost after a victorious multiplayer battle!
- France gets an additional Nation Power! French nations can receive more donated troops from Alliance members!
- Japanese Town Center gets extra range, but a reduced fire rate.

More XP!
- Increased the amount of XP from certain buildings, players might see their levels increase as a result!

- Generals substantially buffed!
- Added 5 additional levels of General upgrades, up to level 20!
- Players can activate two General at a time with the Leadership library tech!
- Activating one General is free, but subsequent Generals cost resources to activate.
- All generals move at 1.7 speed (was 2.8 for Alexander, Nobunaga, Cleopatra, and 1.0 for Napoleon)
- Generals attack every 1 sec (was 2) and damage halved to match.

- Heavy Infantry range reduced to 1.5 in the Enlightenment Age and beyond (was 2.0.).
- Heavy Infantry upgrade costs increased.
- Raider upgrade costs reduced.
- Raider hitpoints increased to 660/720/840/860/880/... (was 450/480/540/630/830/...).
- Raider damage increased to 42/48/114/... (was 35/40/95/...).

- Wonders have more hit points as they advance through the Ages.

War Tactics
- Protection lasts 30/33/36/39 secs (was 12/13/14/15).
- Increased damage of Barrage.

- Weapon blessing amount increased to +30% (was +20%)
- Training blessing amount decreased to 70% (was 80%) and duration upped to 20 minutes (was 15 minutes)

More Improvements and Fixes!
- Players can speed up Ask for Troops by using Crowns!
- Library "Finish Now" costs now update in real-time.
- Less scrolling, more scrolls! The Library now auto-scrolls to lowest available level of technologies and inventions.
- New Achievements for Oil!
- Animal Blessing now correctly spawns animals at the intended rate.
- Trade Goods are now properly stored on Campaign maps between attacks.
- Updated Battle screen and star position, more on-screen space for battling!
- Better logic when trying to connect to iTunes or Google Play stores.
- Added a unique German Rally icon.
- Added unique Change Wonder icon.
- Additional polish added to Revolution, fireworks and cheers!
- Added a new prompt when Alliance Leaders leave an Alliance.
- Added an Alliance button to Town Centers after the Alliance Gate is repaired.
- Added a message to better inform players when Alliance donation limits are reached.
- Replays correctly display remaining time left in a battle.
- Rotate button is always shown when in Map Editor to prevent buttons moving position.
- Road Buff effect is now hidden when moving roads.
- Wall connections will now update properly while moving.
- Fixed "For Hire" Goal to allow Mercenaries discovered in Forests to properly count.
- Fixed rare crash when using Betrayal and First Aid tactics together.
- Fixed a bug that caused the last few roads purchased to disappear.
- Fixed issue using Rally onto a Food or Gold Shipments.
- Fixed Alliance Window scrolling when a visit button is visible.
- Fixes for War Tactics targeting invalid targets.
- Prevented crash when attacking players with corrupt data.
- More cheat detection and prevention.