Update Notes for v2.2.x (iOS and Android)

The v2.2.x update of DomiNations will be available soon in an app store near you!

New Nation Added: Korea
  • This nation’s strong traditions refund some of the loot stolen on defense and increases war tactics capacity
  • Train the deadly Hwarang light infantry that deals more damage to enemies
Better Army Management
  • Tap on a troop’s icon in your current army and you can dismiss them to make room for other troops
DomiNations is expanding!
  • The game is now available in Japan, Taiwan, and Korea!
Balance Changes
  • Animal blessing duration reduced from ten minutes to five minutes
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Offensive blessings are no longer used when a player times out of a battle without deploying any troops or war tactics
  • Temporarily banned players are now shown a message with the time remaining on their ban
  • Nation select window displays bonuses for each unique troop
  • Greek nation refund now correctly applies when building or upgrading roads
  • China’s level 6 library now has the appropriate building art
  • Updated description text for Biplanes and Zeppelins