World War is a conflict between two Alliances that takes place on the War Map. The War Map can be accessed by tapping the War button with your Alliance’s crest in the bottom left corner of the screen next to the Battle button.

How do I participate in World Wars?
To participate in World War, you need to be in an Alliance and build a Command Post, which can be found in the Store on the Army Tab. The Command Post stores all the loot you can win from wars. Your Alliance leader can declare war using the War button in the bottom left corner of the screen.

How does World War work?
World War takes place over two days: Planning Day and War Day. Players prepare for war on Planning Day by donating troops to their Allies and rearranging their defenses.  

On War Day, participating Allies can make two attacks against the opposing Alliance. The Alliance that earns the most stars from attacking by the end of War Day wins the war; however, only the best attack against each enemy War Base counts. If an ally has already earned 4 stars on an enemy base, you will have to earn 5 stars against that same War Base to score one additional Star for your Alliance.

Allies who are victorious during attacks in World War will get War Loot, and the Stars they’ve earned will go towards their Alliances’ total score. The winning Alliance at the end of the war will get 100% of their War Loot while the losing Alliance only gets 30%. Unlike Multiplayer Battles, World War attacks do not affect Medals or Peace Treaties. World War participation is optional for Alliances as well as individual Alliance members. 

Do I use my normal town in World War?
In World War, players do not use their normal Town for defense. Your Town is safe during World War because wars are fought in a different location than Multiplayer: on the War Map. On the War Map, players attack and defend War Bases instead of their normal Towns. During a World War, your Town’s resources, Medals and Peace Treaties are not at risk.