A War Base represents a player on the War Map. Only War Bases are attacked during World War. A War Base uses all of the same buildings from a normal Town, but can be arranged differently. Traps, defenses, and Generals on a War Base never need to be reset during World War; they’re always ready for battle! On Planning Day, you can donate troops to your allies’ war bases. Troops donated to War Bases will defend from the Town Center during every attack on War Day. The Alliance Gate on your War Base must be filled separately from the Alliance Gate in your Town. You can edit your War Base at any time by tapping the “Edit Layout” button and tapping the War Base tab. 

Why is my War Base incomplete? How do I fix this?
If your war base has a red exclamation point (!) next to it, this means that your War Base layout has buildings that have yet to be placed. This occurs when you purchase new buildings in your Town, and have not yet placed them on your War Base. To complete your War Base, simply go to the War Base tab of the Layout Editor and open the incomplete layout that you wish to finish. Place any buildings that are in your inventory on the left side of the screen and tap Save. 

Remember that an incomplete War Base will still be used in Wars, so be sure to update it with new buildings as often as possible.

What’s the difference between a War Base and my Town?
Your Town layout is the layout that you use in your normal game, but your War Base layout is only used in World War battles. War Bases do not have Fruit Trees, Gold Mines, Blessings, or Shipments on them.

Why can’t I copy a War Base layout to my Town layout?
War Base layouts can’t be copied to Town layouts because they don’t contain all the same components.