Planning Day is about getting ready for war. No attacks can be made, but players can scout opponents, donate troops to allies, and rearrange their war base.

What is the War Map?
The War Map is where World Wars are fought. The map is broken up into Territories and is split between the opposing Alliances. Your Alliance controls the blue Territories and the enemy Alliance controls the red Territories.

What are the buildings on the War Map?
Players’ War Bases are represented on the War Map by a building token, which indicates their Age. By tapping a building token, you can view more information about that player, such as their completed attacks and how their War Base defended against enemy attacks. You can also donate troops, scout, or attack an opponent’s war base from this menu. The actions you can do will change depending on the current phase of the war.

How are territories assigned?
Participating Allies will be assigned Territories at random. Players can end up next to their allies, their enemies, or a mix of both. 

How does scouting work?
You can scout both Ally and Enemy War Bases during World War to see their layout. Scouting in advance helps to coordinate attacks and devise winning strategies!

How does troop donation work in world wars?
The Alliance Gate on your War Base is different from the Alliance Gate in your Town and each must be filled separately. The troops donated to a War Base on Planning Day will defend it against all attacks during War Day. These troops will spawn from the Town Center during wars.

Unlike your normal Town, you don’t have to request troops for your War Base. Instead, all War Bases are automatically open for troop donation during Planning Day. To donate, simply tap on an ally’s War Base on the War Map during Planning Day and donate troops directly to it. Troops cannot be donated to War Bases during War Day.

When attacking opponents in World War, you may fill up the Alliance Gate in your Town or Alliance Chat before battle with troop donations, just like in Multiplayer.

How do I change the layout of my war base?
You can change the layout of your War Base using the Layout Editor. Your War Base can be rearranged on or before Planning Day, but any changes made to your War Base during War Day will not take effect until the start of the next war.

How are the Generals that show up on defense in World War selected?
Your highest level General will automatically defend your base in World War. (Two highest Generals if you have researched Leadership Chapter 3 in the Library, or three highest Generals if you have researched Leadership Chapter 4 in the Library.)