This is the day when each Alliance member makes their two best attacks against the enemy. Each Star earned will push an Alliance closer to victory! Players can continue to scout all War Bases during War Day.

How many battles can I fight in a world war?
Players can attack 2 times on War Day. Players cannot attack the same enemy twice. 

How do I choose who to attack?
When fighting in World War, you want to maximize the amount of Stars you earn for your Alliance. Sometimes that means finding an opponent you can easily get five stars against, while other times it means struggling to get one or two stars against a tougher opponent.

You may be given a Recommended Target, indicated by the target symbol on an enemy Territory. This target is recommended based on the strength of your army and the strength of the target’s defenses. War Base layout is not factored into the recommendation, so you should always be sure to scout before attacking.

How do I train an army for world war?
Armies for World War are trained the same way as they are for multiplayer: in your normal town, or with the Train Troops button on the right hand side of the War Map. 

What happens to donated defenders that are defeated in a war attack?
Donated Defenders that were defeated are automatically replenished after a battle. They will defend a War Base against every attack during the war in which they were donated.

Why did I lose my attack?
In World War you only get two attacks to earn as many Stars as you can, so make sure they count. Attacks in World War are consumed the moment you leave the Troop Confirmation screen. Unlike Multiplayer attacks are consumed even if you don’t drop any troops, so be sure to scout your opponents first to make sure you don’t waste your attacks.

Why does the amount of Attacks Used differ from the total of Attacks Won and Attacks Lost in the War Report?
Battles that are currently in progress will not have a result. Therefore, the number attacks Won/Lost cannot be updated until a battle has finished.

I started a battle right before the World War timer ran out! Will it be counted?
Any battles started before the war ends will be allowed to finish, and will be counted toward the final score of the war.