War Loot is special loot that you will get at the end of a war. Attacking and defeating enemy War Bases will increase the amount you receive. Your current War Loot is always shown in the top left corner of the War Map on War Day. 

How much War Loot do I keep if my Alliance wins the World War?
Aside from the glory of victory, every participating member of the winning Alliance will be awarded the full amount of the War Loot they accrued during the war.

How much War Loot do I keep if my Alliance loses the World War?
Aside from the shame of defeat, members of the losing Alliance will suffer a stiff penalty to their War Loot. Losing members will only be awarded 30% of the War Loot they accrued during the war.

What is Territory Loot?
Territory Loot is loot that you steal from bases during World War attacks. This loot is obtained by attacking resources buildings, just like in Multiplayer battles. However, Territory Loot is not based on the resources that player has in their Town. In World War, the loot in a player’s storage buildings is calculated based on the strength of their defenses. Easier bases will contain less loot, while more challenging bases will hold more. Territory Loot is delivered to your stores immediately after battle, and is much lower than the War Loot you receive for winning.

The War Loot for a war base seems low, why is that?
The greater the challenge, the greater the reward! Attacking down an age will yield less war loot than attacking a base the same age or higher than you.

How do I collect my War Loot?
War Loot can be collected from the Command Post. Be sure to collect it before you reach your War Loot storage limit, or you will miss out on new War Loot! You can upgrade your Command Post at your Town to increase your War Loot storage.

Can the Command Post be looted?
If you are attacked in a Multiplayer battle, enemies can loot a small percentage of your war loot earned by attacking your command post. Make sure to keep it defended like you would any other storage building!

Why didn’t I get my war loot yet?
War Loot is calculated and delivered once a war has finished, results have been tallied, and a winner has been determined. Please be patient as it may take some time for your War Loot to appear in your Command Post. If you still have not received your War Loot within an hour please contact us via the in-game support system: Settings (gears icon )> Customer Service.