By tapping on the Event Icon on the left side of the screen between Goals and Achievements you can now access the Event window! Here you can participate in week-long events with the chance to win limited-time rewards. The Event Info tab contains details on the event, as well as Recommended troops, buildings, and upgrades to help you complete the event faster. Tapping on these Recommended items will take you to the building where you can upgrade or purchase them. The Progress tab contains information on how you’re doing in the event. You can tap on any of the steps to see what you have to do to complete them, and what you will receive for doing so. You can also tap the rewards for more details. Once you’ve completed a stage of the event you can collect your reward by tapping the “Claim Reward” button.

Where is my Events Button?

The icon that takes players into the event will appear two days before the event begins in order to allow time for any preparations to be made. It will remain active until two days after the event has ended so that players can remove any loot or items that remain as a part of the special event.

What Age do I Need to Be to Participate in Events?

Once you reach the Classical Age, you will be able to participate in all special events. 

What is “Recommended”?

Recommended items are upgrades, research, blessings, or purchases that will help you complete the event faster. Tap on them to go to where you can upgrade or buy them!

I completed part of the event goal but my progress isn’t advancing! What should I do?

You can see details on how to complete the goals on the Event Info screen. If you are still having issues please feel free to contact customer support.

How and when can I collect my rewards?

You can collect your rewards as soon as you complete a step. On the Progress tab, make sure that the completed Goal step button is active and tap the “Claim Rewards” button to claim your reward. You will not be able to claim rewards if you don’t have space for them. In addition to being able to collect rewards while an event is going on, you will have 48 hours to claim your rewards once the event has ended. Once the claim period has expired, the ability to claim these rewards will disappear forever. Some rewards are one time use, while others expire after a certain period of time has passed. Countdown timers on temporary Rewards will start as soon as you place them, and Rewards will disappear from your base once that timer has expired. You can see how much longer the temporary building will be available by tapping the Info button on the building.

I forgot to collect my rewards! What do I do?

After the event has ended you will have 48 hours to claim your rewards. Make sure you claim all rewards within that time so you can reap the benefits of your hard work! If you have not claimed your rewards by the end of the claim period they will disappear forever.

What Event is coming up next?

A few days before an event starts, you’ll be able to see a preview of the upcoming event in the Event window. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter for previews of upcoming events!

Why can’t I claim my event rewards?

To claim event rewards you need to make sure you have enough space to collect the entire reward. You cannot claim partial rewards. If you are trying to collect Troops, make sure you have enough free troop capacity in your Barracks. Remember that some Troops require more than one Troop space! To claim Food or Gold rewards you must have enough free space in your Mills or Markets to hold all of the reward. To claim buildings you must have space on your map. You can make room by clearing Forest Expansions or moving things around using the Layout Editor.

Where did my Event reward building go?

Event reward buildings are temporary and will disappear one week after you claim them! Make sure to take advantage of them while they last.

Do Event reward buildings appear on my War Base?

Event reward buildings will appear on your War Base if they have hitpoints and can be destroyed. If they are buildings that cannot be destroyed, like Fruit Trees, Gold Mines, Blessings, or Shipments, they will not appear on your War Base.