War Coalitions are powerful pacts formed between your civilization and other non-player nations. Some Coalitions boost your World War attacks, while others boost your War Base’s defenses. Coalitions only affect World War battles and can be formed at the Embassy using National Trade Goods.

How do Coalition Armies work?
Starting in 5.3, each Coalition comes with a special Coalition Army. Defensive Coalition Armies automatically deploy from your Stronghold in World War to defend your base. Offensive Coalition Armies can be used when attacking in World War and do not take up space in your Stronghold.

How do I change or disband a War Coalition once it has been formed? 
War Coalitions represent a strategic choice that players must make for each war. As such, War Coalitions cannot be changed or disbanded once they have been formed. War Coalitions will automatically disband at the end of a war.

Why do the prices for War Coalitions change? 
These Coalitions have dynamic needs and they will require different amounts and types of National Trade Goods over time. After 6 days, the cost of the Coalitions will change. The timer on the War Coalitions screen let’s you know when the prices are next set to change.

Do different players have different costs for War Coalitions? 
No, all players see the same costs for War Coalitions.

How do I upgrade my War Coalitions? 
War Coalitions can be upgraded at the Blacksmith to make them stronger. Keep in mind that upgrading your War Coalitions also increases their cost. Upgrades to Coalitions on War Day won’t take effect until the next War.

Why did my War Coalitions disappear? 
Once War Day has ended, all of your War Coalitions will disband and no longer be available at your Embassy, even if you didn’t make a World War attack or your War Base was not attacked. Reform your War Coalitions for each War to ensure success!

What are the shield and target icons that appear in the World War Window? 
These icons represent the different types of War Coalitions a player currently has: the shield represents a defensive Coalition and the target represents an offensive Coalition. You can tap on these icons to see more information about the bonuses that each Coalition provides.

Sometimes I see an error message when trying to access the Embassy. Why? 
Sometimes if the prices of Coalitions are close to changing, you may see an error message when trying to access the Embassy. This is because your game is having trouble connecting to the server. If you are experiencing this issue on a regular basis, please make sure you are have a stable WI-FI connection.