The University is a new building that allows you to research skills to better all aspects of your nation, from improving the health and damage of your troops and defenses to reducing the upgrade costs of your generals. Inside the University resides a panel of Great Leaders to help you. Choose a leader to check out their skill tree. 

Why can’t I research certain skills?
Tap on the lock icon to see what you need to do to unlock that skill. Certain skills have prerequisite skills that need to be researched first, and others require you to upgrade your University to unlock them.

What happens when I learn all available skills from a Leader?
At the end of each skill tree is a special final skill that gives a unique perk. Once the whole tree has been completed, the final skill will be unlocked for research. 

If I research a skill now, will that prevent me from researching another skill later?
Nope! You can research every skill in every tree!

Does researching skills at the University occupy Citizens?
Yes! Researching each skill requires a different number of citizens depending on the skill. Tap the skill to see how many citizens it will take to research. 

Can I research multiple skills at a time?
You can research one skill from each Leader at a time. This means you can have as many skills actively researching as you have Leaders unlocked!