New features:
War Coalitions & The Embassy!
  • Rebuild the Embassy to form powerful Coalitions with 8 different civilizations to gain a formidable edge in World War
National Trade Goods!
  • Collect 8 new National Trade Goods by defeating different Nations in multiplayer battle!
New Building Upgrades!
  • Bazookas can now be upgraded to level 2: Heavy Bazooka
  • Farms can now be upgraded to level 16
  • Caravans can now be upgraded to level 16
  • Players can now build an additional Factory in the Global Age
Inventory System!
  • Gifts and Sale package items are now stored in your Inventory in the Inbox
Balance Changes
  • Bazooka damage significant reduced, but their multiplier against Buildings, Tanks, and Walls significantly increased.
    • DomiNations is a strategy game of combined arms. For this to be true, each unit must have a balanced set of things it dominates and things it fears. The problem is Bazookas were both dominating their intended targets (buildings, tanks, and walls,) AND beating the troops they were supposed to fear (defending soldiers.) With this change, Bazookas are still very powerful but will work best with the support of troops that can handle those soldiers (things like Riflemen or Heavy Machine Guns.)
  • Range of Mortars and Guard Mortars increased from 3 to 4.
    • The first two ranks of the Mortar line now have the same range as the rest of the line.
  • Command chapters 1, 3, and 4 have been changed:
    • Chapter 1 and 3 now reduce General cooldowns by 1 hour each (previously was 4% each)
    • Chapter 4 now allows players to train a third General using oil (previously was +10% General damage)
  • Nobunaga rank 31 has 24,778 hitpoints (was 34,778.)
  • Napoleon rank 31-40 now has an attack range of 5 (was 3.)
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Troop Donation messages are saved between donation requests
  • Added a notification when the Daily Dock Bonus is ready
  • Rocks and trees no longer appear on top of oil seeps
  • Command Post tutorial now warns you about storage limits
  • Bookmarked Alliances no longer required a hard reset to appear
  • Roads can no longer be connected diagonally to earn Town Center health bonuses
  • Air unit target reticule correctly appears where you tapped
  • Event or new troops appear in a defense histories on previous versions
  • Generals visually appear at their correct level in the retrain window
  • Health bars on Industrial Age Wonders update correctly
  • Base layout will correctly save during the tutorial
  • Transport Plane now plays a death animation when destroyed
  • Updated the Demolition weakness text to include the 50% damage penalty to Town Centers
  • Added a tutorial to help explain the Vault building
  • Heritage Chapter 4 bonus is properly reflected in Info and Help windows
  • Changed Grenadier to Mortar in Explosives Experts and Train Mortar Goals
  • Fixed a Library popup when you have less than the needed resources
  • Fixed Generals not showing up on defense in World War if attacker doesn't have a Castle
  • Fixed a crash caused by Generals with their retinues
  • Fixed a bug where Damage Per Second was incorrectly calculated as 0 for some troops
  • Fixed previously cached splash screens loading during a new event
  • Fixed a bug causing road income to be uncollectable when tapping on the gold pile
  • Security Improvements