What bonus rewards can I get for sending a General?
You can get resources, Trade Goods, Crowns, or even special armies and Blessings that are only available from Expeditions.

Does the level of the General I send on an Expedition matter?
The higher the General’s level, the better your rewards will be, so make sure you send your best General to earn the best rewards!

I started an Expedition, but now I want my citizens or General back. Can I cancel an expedition?
Expeditions cannot be cancelled, but they can be sped up for Crowns.

I claimed rewards from Expeditions or Events, but I don’t see them in my Inventory!
Rewards delivered to the Inventory may take a few minutes to process. Please try closing DomiNations and restarting the app. If you still haven’t received your rewards, please contact support!

Is it possible to run out of Expeditions?
After you finish or replace an Expedition, you can’t see it again for 24 hours. So if you get through all available Expeditions within 24 hours, you’ll have to wait, though you can spend crowns to speed up the cooldown.